New Moon!  New Beginnings!!!  Who is ready??? I know I sure am.  With the summer having 8 planets in retrograde (yes 8!!), we are all more than ready for the shift in energy.   I personally, have had my trials and tribulations that have made me rethink a lot.  It also allowed me to use the idea of adversity being a driver to get that hustle going!   It is a special new  moon because it is the angel numbers 999 ~~   9 (September),  9 (the date) and 9 (18 added up to 9).   In angel numbers, this is one of those numbers that you keep seeing that tells you a major change in coming soon!   Could be even a life changing transformation.

What I am doing for my ritual, as I love the phases of the moon to help move my butt, is a process of self acceptance (I am good here and now) as well as the manifesting for these next stages.  Think of this energy as a magic carpet and ride it into your next stage of desires!    I use the full moons for purging and getting rid of what no longer serves me and the new moons I try to utilize for the new beginnings I want to see.

This new moon, I am expanding my web of manifesting to reach multiple  areas of my life.  I have had a lot of transitions over the past years, but this summer has brought to head a lot of areas that I thought were fully healed that apparently needed one last heave hoooo.   So on top of working more on my vision board and vision board list, I will be writing  and writing a lot.  I will write to the people or situations that I still have words for, I will write to myself to bring in the white light  -forgiveness of self and I will write about my gratitude for all of it.   I will burn them (safely) in my pit in the yard and will send the energy out with love and kindness.

The 999 I was seeing so much last summer, right before the passing of my soul dog Fenway and the break up of a relationship that I honored, was different than this 999.  Not that all 999 needs to mean something negative, but for me, last year, I would have described it as earth shattering, especially my soul  dog.   Now knowing all that I needed to go through, I think that was the timing and end of story.  Fenway was getting older and I would do anything for him, but it was his time to go, his wish as you will.   My ex boyfriend was dealing with health issues and even being the healer I am, he wanted to go it alone.   Free will and what’s meant to be always win.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life, learning to see what is in your control and what needs sweet surrender.

The angel numbers 999 are complex because 9 is the last number and therefore requires a letting go, one door must shut before the new door opens.  The 3 9’s are telling you that a force greater than you is trying to steer you in the best direction.  Depending on your belief system, this is God or the universe.   It’s telling you, more than ever, to pay attention to the whispers, the urges, the random draws to do something… pay attention and follow through.  Your prayers and wishes are being answered, not as a winning lottery ticket, or a gift at your front door, but with the signs.  I love to think of them as clues in a scavenger hunt.

I will be working on my website, burning my past~  letting it go, bringing in the new and sending out gratitude for all of it.  It a great time to buy something new, get a new hairdo, start something again or start fresh on something that you have been thinking a lot about.

It’s time to not be afraid of change, but embrace it, bless it, love it and surrender to it.

As always, I wish you the best possibilities for you!  With love and light, enjoy this spectacular energy New Moon.