Nebulous N-E-B-U-L-O-U-S

When I was just realizing that this transition out of corporate America wasn’t temporary, I had to start thinking about my commitments to next steps. Luckily, God/the universe, sent me some earth fairies who were also starting their own businesses to hand me clues as to -what the hell do I do now?

First step, get an LLC…  This seems easy, but one word or combination of words to express who I am and what I represent is very stressful.  I am a talker!  So, having to minimize ALL that I wanted to tell people about myself was painstaking.   I went back to my old routes of copywriting and started to write words I loved, words that rang in my ear like a frisky hummingbird, words that I repeated obnoxiously to anyone around me- like in the movie ELF– F-E-R-N-A-N-D-O… (which is also one of my favorite words)…

I was in a place of loving the idea of exposing my spirituality.  Not having the formal commitment to a church, but more about what is the holy spirit/God inside of me. This new found freedom of just being with my church inside of me, really resonated as something I wanted to express about myself.  The word DIVINE fit like a Cinderella shoe.  Not with a prince defining me as acceptable, but rather my flirting with the self love lingo to start to be my own champion.   DIVINE.

Another huge part of delving deeper into my yoga journey and journey of the soul was the amazement I had with my new breath.  Of course you do not literally get a new breath like there was a sale at TJ Maxx.  But I had a new breath!  Like a new shiny gemstone that I wanted to keep twirling in the sunlight, I couldn’t stop tapping in.  I was so stressed in my decades of fight or flight with my past life, I had paralyzed my diaphragm.  I was not breathing fully and not engaging in my life force!   When I started to breathe properly and focus on that big belly pushing out (like a baby breathing without trying) and exhaling all the stale air -let it GO, it was like a spring day with every breath.  I could think more clearly, I could pause before I reacted, I could start to not take things so personally.   This was happening to me in all areas of my life.  Just looking to this day, this 24 hour experiment of mine, all connected to that big belly inhale.  For me, its release, its recharge, its the huge connection to spirit, its my Namaste.  The inhale- the beginning.  INHALE

With these words resonating for me and connecting that intuitive nod, I knew that this was my divinely inspired beginning.  This was my soul, my spirituality, my life force, the commitment to my new journey.

Then this magical thing happened!  The state of South Carolina birthed the big beautiful baby named Divine Inhale, LLC.