Healing Services

“The endings you’re going through are bringing about the beginnings you’ve been waiting for.” ~Anonymous


There are many options to help you with healing process to tap into the mind, body and soul.  I have my divine natural gifts and services listed below to help you understand a little bit more about me and how I can help.  Breeze through and see what resonates with you and if there is more information that you need, just reach out!  I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Reiki Energy Healing

As a Reiki Master, each session is different as each client is different. The energy healing that follows the chakras allows people to feel the amazing heated energy from my hands healing the areas in need.  It is a great way to balance your energy or to work on a specific area of concern.  A little history about Reiki: It’s a form of alternative medicine that was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan.  The “universal healing” is using the energy from the palms of your hands, palm healing.

Crystal Healing

I was trained through the Four Winds Academy in Cincinnati, OH for certification with crystals.  It was the two main areas I love – Crystals and healing.  I completed this certification and use it alone or in combination with other modalities.  There are techniques to help restore the joy or to help with inflammation, needing support for healing from a trauma or releasing the past.  Clients can usually see the color of the crystals I am using, with their eyes closed.  It’s a powerful treatment using earths elements.

Intuitive Abilities &

Angel Card Readings

Using angels, mermaids and archangels, my cards tell a story using a storyboard affect to give you guidance on what is currently happening and how to proceed forward.  You have the opportunity in the session to ask specific questions as well.  Most clients say that the initial reading has already given them a full story on everything they were wondering. I work from positive vibes only.  Life is life.  There are going to sometimes be hard conversations that we have to have but my sessions are designed for the greatest good for my client so we work together to show the next steps with love and kindness.

Psychic Medium Intuitive Readings

Sometimes healing needs to happen from a loved one who was in this life form and now has passed on or from your spirit guides/guardian angels.  My gifts allow me to facilitate for you information from your passed loved ones or your spirit guides/guardian angels.  I help you understand their messages and guidance.  I act as a conduit connector from this world and theirs.  I believe in God and believe that all of my gifts are from HIM and should be used in service to help people. Either through the cards or table session (in office or remotely), I can give you guidance of what is in your energy, what needs healing from the past and what is coming in the future.  This also helps guide you to get into that energy frequency to receive.

Medical Intuition Guidance

With my intuition, I can see inside of a person to see if they have medical issues and if these issues are emotional or actual diseases.  I have helped many clients, including which who believed they had cancer, but in turn just needed healing from miscarriages or from their childhood.  This can save people a lot of time, money and frustration in regards to not getting answers from traditional medicine and being prescribed masking medications that could be wearing down your organs.  This is also a session I offer remotely and I will be offering sessions that will be packages to nurture you through this transition.