Large Gemstone Bracelet


Large Gemstone Bracelets available in Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Blue Howlite, Goldstone, Red Jasper, Sodalite.


As a Reiki Master, I bless each item sold with pure love energy for the wearer to enjoy.

Amazonite filters out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace. Its spiritual power is personal truth and communicating that truth to others.

Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions. Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love.

Blue Howlite is a calming stone. It aids in sleeping, calming the overactive mind, eases insomnia, dreaming, dream retention and stress relief. Physically, it calms the whole body and releases muscle tension. It eliminates pain brought about by stress.

Goldstone is a helpful aide for children who are afraid of the dark. Goldstone, like diamond, is a good deflector of unwanted energies, and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral.

Red Jasper is known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance, a talisman of warriors and a promoter of justice, protection, and life.

Sodalite encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalisation of feelings. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies.

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Amazonite, Rose quartz, Blue Howlite, Goldstone, Red Jasper, Sodalite


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